• The organisation shall be called “The  Cricket Societies Association”. The aims shall be to further the interest of Cricket in all possible ways.
  • All Cricket Societies shall be eligible to become constituent members and each Society shall nominate one representative to attend any meeting of the Association, such representative to have the power to vote. The Society providing the Chairman shall have a second representative on the Association. The Chairman shall have only one vote, which shall be a casting vote in the event of a tie.
  • Each Society in membership shall pay an annual subscription to the Association of £20 on 1 January each year, to be used for administration costs. Overseas Societies to be free of subscription due to the difficulty of the exchange rates.
  • Meetings of the Association shall be held at least once annually at times to be agreed at Association meetings, or as required by Officers of the Association.
  • Expenses of the representatives of the Societies attending Association meetings shall be met by the individual Societies concerned.
  • The Officers of the Association are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. An Annual Meeting shall be held on or before 31 March each year and nominations for Officers should be received not later than 28 days before the date of the meeting. An Officer need not of necessity be a representative or member of an Association Society.
  • Eight constituent Society representatives shall form a quorum at any Association meeting.
  • The Constitution shall not be changed except at a Association meeting and by at least ten members present and eligible to vote.